I am a middle aged man with Dystonia who lives in Nanaimo.  Recently I was having speech problems, although I have used only my voice to communicate my whole life.  I found that not everyone could understand me any more.  I couldn’t get my message out.

People would guess and get it wrong.  Even more than that, I was getting frustrated and not talking as much around people who didn’t know me as well.

CAYA sent an SLP, Danielle and an Assistant, Jan to show me some devices.  I thought some were too big and complicated.  I liked the iPad but was worried about my spelling not being good enough. Predictable knows what I want to say and helps me with my spelling.  I am also using a fancy stylus which is easier than my finger to type.  I use my iPad at my day program, at the doctor and a lot at my home.

My house manager, Shannon, says that I talk more now and my confidence is better.  I know I can talk to anyone.  When I am tired, it’s Predictable all the way!

Thanks to CAYA for helping me use this iPad to continue to have a voice in my life.