CAYA provides a time dependent service. Assessment and intervention will occur for approximately four months, after which time the Client and his/her Team will be expected to assume responsibility for continued implementation and use of the communication system. The overall service is comprised of the following modules:


CAYA provides assessment services through our skilled Speech-Language Pathologists.

We determine the best augmentative or alternative communication system for eligible clients and a thoughtful implementation plan incorporating the resources and strengths of their supporters and families.


CAYA maintains a loan bank of AAC devices.

Following the recommendations of the Speech-Language Pathologists we loan AAC devices and accessories for an indefinite period of time to CAYA clients. We recognize that communication is an essential human function so equipment is supported and repaired on a rapid turn-around basis.

Daily / Regular Use

Once the appropriate communication system has been determined and the Client and Team Members trained in its use, the Client will be placed on “monitor” status, and daily implementation and use will become the responsibility of the Client and their support team.


CAYA follows through with clients after the conclusion of the initial assessment and provision process with annual calls and contacts. Technical support is available to all CAYA clients to keep their technology functional.

Training and Resources

CAYA provides families and other care providers with periodic training opportunities and other resources to ensure the successful implementation of AAC initiatives with clients. It is expected that day programs and group homes will allow their staff the opportunities to attend such events, to ensure that the Client’s communication system will continue to be successfully implemented.