Province Invests $4 Million in CAYA

On March 31st 2017, the Province of BC committed an additional $4 million dollars of funding to CAYA over the next two years, to March 2019. This welcome funding will be applied to…

  • Annual operating budgets to March 2019, with a temporary increase in clinical staff to address client wait times for service
  • Expanding community SLP capacity to enable more clients to be assessed and served.
  • Replacing older, obsolete, and unrepairable equipment in active use by clients and in the loan bank, with updated technology
  • Updating and enhancing CAYA’s key information system, CAYAdata, the backbone of services provided by CAYA across the province

Since 2005, CAYA has assisted more than 2,300 British Columbians who need communication technology and professional support to participate to the fullest of their capabilities in their adult lives. CAYA offers a wide range of technology based on individual needs that give people the opportunity to communicate face-to-face, socialize, talk on the phone, order food in restaurants, use social media, participate in group discussions, and communicate important life decisions.


Michelle Stilwell, Minister of Social Innovation and Social Development –

“Speaking aids help reduce social isolation for people with communication disabilities and help them participate more fully in their communities. The people who depend on CAYA’s services deserve to be able to communicate with others, and I’m happy that our government is able to continue supporting the program so it can help even more people find their voices.”

Jeff Riley, Program Manager, Communications Assistance for Youth and Adults –

“This additional funding builds on over a decade of important work assisting people with severe communication disabilities across B.C., and ensures they will continue to have a voice in the future. On behalf of the many clients supported by CAYA, a sincere thank you to the Government of B.C.”

Neil MacDonald, CAYA client –

“It’s wonderful to be able to talk to family and loved ones and friends. You have a new sense of confidence when you go into the bank or go to the pharmacy and any time you deal with the public. It’s made a difference in my life. I have something that gives me confidence. It speaks for me. CAYA are doing wonderful work. They are giving a voice to people who have lost their voices. They’re building confidence in people who’ve lost confidence and giving the hope that comes from communication. More important they’re giving hope to the people who have lost their dignity and sense of pride.