My name is Karl Trenkel and I am 72 years old and was diagnosed with ‘ Bulbar ALS ‘ in October of 2012. From that date onwards, I gradually lost my ability to speak and by 2014, I couldn’t speak a single sentence or word anymore. Fortunately, CAYA provided me with an iPad and installed the speech program ‘ Predictable ‘ for me on the iPad and I am using this program on a daily basis to communicate with family members and friends and send emails to my relatives and friends overseas.

The iPad with the Predictable program has been a lifeline for me and i could not imagine to be without it. I would also like to thank Monica and Tantjana for all their care and effort to install the program for me and to follow up with me on a regular basis.

I am very grateful for the outstanding service CAYA has provided to me and my family under these difficult times for all of us.