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This Section contains all our downloadable files directly referred to in the body of the guide, used as examples or to illustrate a point, or included to provide additional information.

We have included the appendices for downloading and printing as convenient reference documents for a kit, as well as blank forms ready for use, and grids, templates and customised device pages. We want you to feel free to use any of the material in the best interests of your students/clients.

If you use any part of the guide or the downloads, please include any original references and acknowledge the source as “CAYA AAC Guide-Park, Rosemary B. (2007)

  • Section 2: Symbolic Ways To Talk

  • D04 Choice Display

  • D07 Tri-Fold Display (99 PCS/page)

  • D09 B: Direct Access Binder & Dynamic Screen Backup (eg: SD Pro)

  • D11 D: ETRAN Based for Light/Laser Head Pointer (eg: Vanguard)

  • D13 Tray Display

  • Section 3: Materials & Outcomes

  • D20 Photo Lotto

  • Section 4: Entry Level technology

  • D23 Activity Analysis Form

  • Section 5: High End Technology
  • D27: SD Pro Boards
  • Four Squares

  • Choice Pop Up Music

  • Six Squares

  • D28: Introducting Minspeak
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