One Tough Mudder!

One of our clients, Rand Surbey, was just a little bit busy this weekend!  He enjoys exploring his community, meeting new people and pushing the boundaries, as you can see in this news clip. We hope that you’re resting this week, Rand, but we suspect not…  😉

Communication Access Now!

Communication Access Now (CAN) is a project of Communication Disabilities Access Canada (CDAC) and is a national campaign to promote communication accessibility for people who have speech and language disabilities.  Canadians with communication disabilities have the right to equal access to goods to services in the same way as everyone else does.

Visit the CAN website

Learn about the following:

  • Strategies for communicating with people with speech and language disabilities
  • E-learning modules that will explain those strategies
  • Communication Access symbol
  • Materials to host information sessions in your communities

Support your clients to learn about and advocate for communication accessibility:

  • List of communication accessibility rights
  • Vocabulary to talk about communication accessibility rights
  • Negotiating communication accessibility rights

Check out the following resources:

  • Brochures for Businesses and Organizations
  • Brochures for People with a Communication Disability
  • Communication Access Cards for the general public
  • Client Information cards
  • Communication Access symbols in various formats

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If you have any questions about this project, please contact Lois Turner at