Marlene White

//Marlene White

Marlene pharmacy croppedMy name is Marlene, I suffer from Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy, which causes my speech to be slurred. People are not able to understand what I’m trying to communicate and then I get ignored. When I try to communicate, people turn to the person I am with for clarification. This is frustrating, depressing and degrading.

I have recently gotten an iPad with the Touch Chat app from CAYA. My life has changed. Now I’m excited because when I go out in public to do something, like fill my prescription, I can talk to the pharmacist and get the prescription myself. I had never been able to get my prescription on my own before and now I can! Using this computer has now gained me independence and respect.

I am excited to try my tablet in the community to order coffee at a restaurant. Thank you to CAYA and Tim and Tara for the wonderful gift and your time that you dedicated to teach me how to use the iPad. I can do things on this computer that I never could before. I feel free like a bird!

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