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Marlene White

My name is Marlene, I suffer from Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy, which causes my speech to be slurred. People are not able to understand what I’m trying to communicate and then I get ignored. When I try to communicate, people turn to the person I am with for clarification. This is [...]

Susan Giles

Hi, my name is Sue. I have Multiple Systems Atrophy (MSA). My speech is getting hard to understand and I find that people do not understand what I’m saying which is very frustrating. It is particularly hard to get attention when I need help. I now have the Predictable app, [...]

Sean Tagert

Hi, I'm Sean. I have had ALS for over four years and only in the last year has it impacted my ability to speak. Knowing that it would continue to worsen, I connected with CAYA about trying a speech generating device. As my speech deteriorates, people have a harder and [...]

Carol Huyghe

Hi, I’m Carol. I have Parkinson’s so I can’t write or speak as clearly as I used to. People were having a hard time understanding me which was frustrating on both ends. I now have an iPad with Predictable from CAYA and I am learning to email my family from [...]

Roy Ward

My name is Roy. I am now 79 years old and have had MSA since 2008 – Multiple System Atrophy, a neuro-degenerative disease; I have lost the ability to walk and must use a wheelchair. With MSA, among other health losses, most patients lose the ability to speak. Since 2011 [...]

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