Christina Murray

//Christina Murray

Christina for webHi, my name is Christina, I’m eighty eight years old, and I have Primary Progressive Aphasia.

I spoke normally until ten years ago. Then I started losing words. I begin to speak a certain word, it would be gone, and I would immediately think of another word to fill in the space. That went on some time. Then I started to be unable to think of a word to fill in the space. Then I was unable to complete a whole sentence.

I went to my family Doctor and he sent me to a Neurologist (I waited a year to see him). He diagnosed Primary Progressive Aphasia.

The Neurologist arranged the contact with CAYA and Tara. Tara and Tim visited me in my home, and explained what they had to offer. We decided that an iPad would be what I needed, and I have been using it ever since, after Tara gave me instructions on how to use the app Predictable.

When I have a Dr’s appointment. I pre-program the question. It’s much simpler to do it this way, and I don’t waste the Dr’s time. I live in an assisted living facility, and I pre-program questions I have for the Staff and it works well.

I think CAYA is a wonderful program for those of us that have problems with speech, and I can’t thank Tara enough for her attention, and way she has brought me along.

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