CAYA Turns 10 Years Old!

On November 2nd, 2015, CAYA celebrated 10 years of operations with a public Open House. Since beginning in 2005, CAYA has assisted almost 1500 adults in BC to use augmentative/alternative communication equipment and strategies to communicate to the best of their abilities! There are now 20 staff, distributed in 8 regional teams across BC, providing augmentative communication supports and technology to adults in need. As a vital support to adults with severe communication disabilities in BC, CAYA management and staff look forward to many more years of providing this valuable service. Happy Birthday CAYA!

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Second ICEwest conference

The second biennial ICEwest conference was held on October 3rd, 2015 in Burnaby, British Columbia. Nineteen adults who use AAC from across BC registered and participated in a very busy day!

The Ontario Breaking the ICE conference was held in Toronto at the same time and the two conferences were able to connect via remote video and audio. Two presentations were shared, including a panel by attendees from both BC and ON who had previously attended ISAAC conferences, and the keynote presentation for both conferences: Putting the Social into Social Media – How to Make Connections Online & in Person given by Glenda Watson Hyatt, in Burnaby.

The Town Hall meeting took place in the afternoon, an event where only people who use AAC systems can participate. The theme for the day was “making social connections” and many people successfully contributed thoughts and experiences on the theme.

The attendees and conference committee wish to thank the following people and organizations for their invaluable support; John Montalbano, Bridges, Aroga, Tobii/DynaVox, Saltillo, CAYA, March of Dimes Canada and ISAAC Canada.

ICEwest 2015 Panel BC 2                ICEwest 2015 Keynote

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