CAYA BC helping people with communication disabilities engage with the community

CAYA BC... in the face of adversity, helping people maintain dignity and connections to loved ones

My own voice! CAYA BC giving a voice through technology to people who cannot speak

CAYA BC... regaining your voice through professional support and augmentative communication technology

CAYA BC independent communications opens the world to friends, family and community

CAYA BC... independence through communication – the security of having your own voice

Achieving your potential – CAYA BC providing independent communication for a full and productive life

CAYA BC supporting successful lives through independent communication

Who is CAYA?

Communication Assistance for Youth and Adults (CAYA) is a Provincial Resource Program that supports adults aged 19 years and older who require an augmentative/alternative communication (AAC) system due to a severe communication disability, i.e. speech that is not functional for daily communication. The goal of CAYA is to ensure that eligible individuals have access to the communication tools and professional support to enable them to create an adult life to the best of their abilities.

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Are you eligible for CAYA?

  • Adults aged 19 years and older
  • Require an AAC system due to a severe communication disability
  • Students in Grade 12 who require an AAC system post-graduation

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CAYA’s Mission

CAYA ensures that adults with severe communication disabilities can maintain a vital link to the world through independent communication. CAYA offers communication tools and support to enable individuals to create and maintain an adult life to the best of their abilities.

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Christina Murray

Hi, my name is Christina, I’m eighty eight years old, and I have Primary Progressive Aphasia. I spoke normally until ten years ago. Then I started losing words. I begin to speak a certain word, [...]

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